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Wedding Video: Our Special Day – Samuel & Juanita – Black And …

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Samuel & Juanita - Our Special Day Wedding Video

We had to share this video of Samuel and Juanita Coley from Winter Haven, FL. The couple met on Black Planet back in 2010 and developed a relationship that led to this amazing wedding on August 15th 2013.

From Samuel:

After our first date I was very intrigued and knew Juanita was someone I wanted to continue pursuing. She was so sweet, kind, with a little added sense of humor; my favorite character trait about her was that she loved God and I knew in my heart that she could be someone that I could spend the rest of my life with.

From Juanita:

Sam was such a gentleman every time he was in my presence; I was always so excited to see him. He was like a breath of fresh air, with what I came to later discover had no hidden agendas and before my mind had time to consent my heart had already signed on the dotted line……..”Yours forever”

View the video of their big day below and please leave an encouraging word for the newlyweds in the comment section.

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Merri and Pete's Phillippi Estate Wedding | Peanut Butter Fingers

Shared with their kind permission, many of the pictures featured in this blog post were taken by the wonderful husband and wife team behind Black & Hue Photography. Some photos are my own, but all of the fabulous photos can be attributed to Black & Hue Photography.

When the alarm clock blares on the morning of a wedding, it often feels like there is plenty of time to do everything that needs to be done before the ceremony begins. Hair and make up can only take so long and most of the real legwork is done. And yet, no matter how calm and relaxed a bride’s wedding day may be, it seems like the 30 minutes before she walks down the aisle are always filled with excited chaos.


After Merri slipped into her beautiful dress and the groomsmen’s boutonnieres were pinned to their jackets, guests began to arrive early for the 4:30 p.m. ceremony.

Bridesmaids dashed downstairs to grab our bouquets as Merri realized her wedding vows were missing! One of our girlfriends accidentally took them with her when she left the bridal suite earlier that day, and we called her to tell her to hurry back to the Edson Keith mansion with the vows as quickly as possible.


It was a little tense, but Merri kept her cool. She is a pro in stressful situations and remained enthusiastic and joyful throughout the whole exchange.


(I am in love with this Black & Hue Photography photo of my best friend. She is so, so beautiful.)

Once Laurel dropped off Merri’s wedding vows, we lined up in order and chatted with nervous and excited anticipation. It was almost time for Merri to say “I do!”

Someone started singing, “Going to the Chapel,” and we all couldn’t help but join in. It was a random moment of pure joy and a memory I will always treasure and associate with Merri and Pete’s special day. (Merri immediately whipped out her phone to record some of it when we started singing it again because she wanted to document it to remember it, too!)

When we received word that Pete and his groomsmen were downstairs, we were ushered to the giant wooden staircase at the center of the house to wait for our cue.


Pete walked down the aisle first and took his place in front of 100 guests.


He shook the hand of each of his groomsmen as they joined him to wait for his bride. 

IMG_1319 IMG_1323

And then I walked down the aisle and held my breath as I waited for Merri and her father to step out from inside of the historic home and make their way down the aisle.


(And yes, I had to make sure I didn’t fall! Walking in grass in spiky heels is an art!)

Merri’s dad is so full of life and he was absolutely beaming as he escorted his daughter down the aisle.

IMG_1340 IMG_1346

Merri walked down the aisle to a beautiful rendition of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” which not only had her groom wiping tears from his eyes, but everyone else as well. Pete’s reaction to seeing Merri in her dress was so moving. His eyes welled up and his mouth quavered as she walked toward him. I couldn’t let myself look at him for too long because every time I did, I started crying… and not delicate, soft tears.

The ceremony was officiated by Paul, a good friend of ours from college. He had everyone laughing and kept the ceremony upbeat and lighthearted. Three couples who are close to Merri and Pete also spoke during the ceremony, offering the bride and groom marriage advice and words of wisdom from couples at different points in their marriage.

They had everyone smiling and laughing!



Then it was time for the exchange of rings and the vows. Merri and Pete recited their own vows which was so special. I didn’t have the courage to say my own vows at my own wedding but I love it when couples do! Their vows were romantic and thoughtful and everyone cheered when it was time for Pete to kiss his bride.  

IMG_1372 IMG_1368

They did it!



Congratulations to Pete and Merri!



BN Weddings – Video: Chinny & Manny's EPIC Wedding Entrance …


Wow! What a way to start our wedding week here on BellaNaija Weddings. We’re so happy and proud to present this wedding video – conceptualized by the groom Manny, who also happens to be an events planner.

We wish Manny and Chinny all the love, joy and blessings from married life!

From Manny, the groom and event planner,

“As an Event planner with Sculptors Event Planners Abuja, I always have really nice wedding ideas I try to sell to many of my previous clients. Most times the couples are not ready to do anything out of the ordinary. So I had always known that the only opportunity I get would be at my own wedding!

The actual idea came after my traditional wedding to Chinny earlier in the year. You know the Igbo tradition where the wife goes with a cup of palm wine to look for her husband. I wanted to reverse that in the white wedding! I wanted to be the one searching. Cause I was the one actually searching :) ! So I discussed it with Chinny and she totally loved the idea.

Then I came up with the story line then my wife and I came up with the song selection. The next thing we did was to talk to our Dj, DJ Cizle an Abuja based DJ. He worked with us on the songs and mixing. After we had the songs ready, we called in the groomsmen and bridesmaids and put them through the whole entrance idea. Then finally we called in the videographer Sammy Productions and he came up with how the whole entrance would be shot creatively and edited.

And that was how we came up with the entrance – we just wanted to do something out of the ordinary basically and also to let other couples know that they could always achieve all their dreams.”

Video: SammyDigital Productions

bellanaija-wedding-nigerian-naija-igbo-wedding-abuja-video-manny-chinny-3 bellanaija-wedding-nigerian-naija-igbo-wedding-abuja-video-manny-chinny-10 bellanaija-wedding-nigerian-naija-igbo-wedding-abuja-video-manny-chinny-6

Wedding Date: August 31 2013

Event Planner: Manny Chinegwu of Sculptors Events Abuja | Address: No. 3 Kabwe Close, Zone 3, Wuse, Abuja | Phone: (+234) 7045165008 | (+234) 818 485 6158 |Email: sculptorsevents “at”
DJ: Kenny – DJ Cizle | Facebook |
Videographer: Sam – SammyDigital Production
We love weddings as much as you do – get in touch for inquiries, inspiration & more!

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What a wonderful wedding | Lanna Meggy.

A friend got married in Hereford a wee while ago, and it was just gorgeous. It took place in a large tent with beautiful decor, hand-crafted with so much love (buttons on everything!), the products of various ‘crafternoons’. It was set in a field from which was visible the house apparently in which the bride grew up,  with camping basically compulsory, complete with lake and lonely swan. Gorgeous surroundings, incredible entertainment and copious amounts of alcohol meant for a pretty good time.












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Flowerona Links: With roses, steps & an anniversary… | Flowerona


Flowerona Links is back this week! You may have noticed a few subtle changes to yesterday’s post and today’s has a few tweaks too, which I hope you like and I’d love your feedback…

I’ve put the lists together, instead of New and Twitter Links.  And the (t) means that I’ve tweeted the link on Twitter this week.




  • Inside Landet Järna, a small shop for wild flowers and plants in Stockholm
  • A book launch event at Wild at Heart‘s Pimlico Road branch (t)


Simply flowers


Wedding Sparrow Green Wedding Shoes Laura Gordon Photography paris-anniversary-05-final


A lovely video showing wedding flower designs with a green colour palette by Galton Flowers.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s links and have a lovely Sunday…

(Images : 1. Mikael Axelsson, 2. Laura Gordon Photography)

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Nathan and Bethany's Wedding – Pine Peaks Event Center

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Posted on by davepeterson

“Nathan and Bethany met just over four years ago. Nathan works in the Phone Industry as an IT person and Bethany has her degree in Social Work and has recently started a new job. They met at a restaurant where Bethany was working. As much as Nathan enjoys the sport of hunting he was not very quick to pull the trigger to ask Bethany out on a date. After months of weekly restaurant visits timed to match Bethany’s work shift it finally happened. The first date eventually led to a wedding proposal and then their wedding at Pine Peaks on September 14, 2013.


Friday was spent decorating the grounds and Event Center to match their taste complete with a large pumpkin grown by the Groom to accent the country style they wanted. After the ceremony rehearsal the Wedding Party and family enjoyed a wonderful catered meal in the Retreat House screen porch served by their favorite Caterer Madd Joe from Madd Joe has a multi-year award winning BBQ Sauce.

Bethany and her Entourage came to the Pine Peaks Vendor Fair last January and found a team of local vendors that helped to make their dream wedding come true. Kelli Engstrom Photography captured the special moments with timeless photos. Captivating Beauty did hair and makeup for the beautiful wedding party in the newly added on site salon. Kate from Bloom Designs brought color and fragrance to the Event Center with her beautiful flower arrangements with purple and orange flowers as accents. Jeremy Pollock of DJ Entertainment provided the guests with music and a Photo Booth to capture the guests in candid moments providing the couple with a photo guest book of memories of their fabulous day. Reed’s Market of Cross Lake presented a beautiful wedding cake and sheet cakes for the guests. Pine Peaks Lodge and Suites housed most of the out of town guests in their up north cabin designed Inn and Safe Ride Shuttle Service shuttled many of the guests back and forth safely from the hotel to Pine Peaks. Maucieri’s Catering serviced a delicious reception meal and hosted the refreshment bar. Last but not least, Doug Taylor and his team of majestic Percheron horses from Action Entertainment fulfilled the bride’s dream of a ride in a white wedding carriage to her wedding ceremony.

The Wedding Ceremony went off without a hitch (excuse the pun) and dinner for the wedding guests was served soon after. It was a plated meal prepared and served by Chef Dewey and his staff at Maucieri’s Kitchen at Pine Peaks Event Center. The guests had their choice of Pork Prime Rib or Broiled Walleye. This was served with ten different kinds of fresh bread, a house salad, roasted baby red potatoes, and Sicilian green beans. The guests had many compliments for the Chef.

The new bride and groom danced the night away on Pine Peaks wood dance floor and Jodi from Maucieri’s Catering served fresh baked pizzas out of Pine Peaks wood fired pizza oven for the remaining wedding guests toward the end of the evening.

The wedding guests staying at Pine Peaks Lodge and Suites enjoyed a free breakfast on Sunday at Pine Peaks Restaurant in beautiful downtown Crosslake compliments of the Hotel. The bride and groom joined these guests for breakfast as the new Mr. and Mrs. Schletz.

This was another successful dream wedding at Pine Peaks Event Center. Thank you Nathan and Bethany for sharing your wedding with us.” – Dave Peterson

Click here to view Nathan and Bethany’s wedding album.

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A little french airplane travel skateboard wedding movie by Casey …

Had to make it to a dear friend’s wedding on saturday at 4pm (invite specified 4pm SHARP) was working in france til late friday night. first flight out saturday got me to NYC at 130, flight left late but arrived on time. total mess at customs. then traffic but everything was cool in the end. except for my jet lag which, as far as i know, i masked well. amazing, lovely, charming, fun, beautiful wedding celebrating two incredible people who have a wonderful life ahead of them.

Text and video via

Fallowfields Hotel, Oxfordshire wedding: Beautiful real wedding

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

llowfields hotel wedding venue

Somehow, it feels like an eternity ago- glorious sunshine, warmth and the excitement of summer. So many possibilities and so much to look forward to. Perhaps it’s due to the recent spate of rain we’ve been having, and perhaps it’s because of  all the wonderful memories we’ve made since- but August 2013 was an incredible month.

…And it all began with Richard and Emma.

On August 1st we had the absolute privilege of shooting their wedding at Fallowfields Hotel and Restaurant . A beautiful, beautiful venue set in scenic Oxfordshire.

For the most part we generally shoot weddings within the Essex area, so it was lovely to have the opportunity to work outside the comfort of our little Essex bubble. We’d originally met Emma some months before, through her mum- who I’d worked with for a couple of years back when I was toying with the idea of a career in secondary education. It’s always extra nice to work with friends, it makes the whole process more relaxed, natural and there’s a certain level of mutual trust already in place, which can be priceless throughout the planning process.

Anyway, the morning of the wedding arrived and it couldn’t have been a more perfect day. The sun was shining, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and everyone was in high spirits.

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

With temperatures set to sore to 34degrees by mid-day, it soon became clear just how important it was to have an experienced professional make up artists on hand, to ensure that make up stayed in place all day- no matter what the weather! Kate did an incredible job and the ladies looked perfect all day and well into the evening.

Make up by: Kate Silver Make up Artist

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

As family and friends arrived to greet and congratulate, the atmosphere became ever more exciting. Soon enough bridesmaids dresses were on, mums and dads were ready to go and we were only minutes away from putting on the dress!

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

All the while, Sam was with Richard and the boys capturing their preparations. Not quite as much make up and probably not as many hugs, but they were all suited and booted looking handsome just the same!

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

Before long, time had caught up with us and it was time to leave. Proudly holding his daughters arm, Emma’s dad escorted her to the ceremony room.

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

As they made their entrance proud family and friends lined both sides of the aisle for a glimpse of the bride. I love the look on Emma’s face as she reaches the front of the aisle with her dad. It’s a picture worth a thousand words- it says it all.

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

Moments later their ceremony began. They said their vows, made their legal declarations and were now legally husband and wife!

They had decided however to follow their civil ceremony with a Jewish blessing. This was a beautiful addition to the legal service and a joy to witness. Unlike the traditional civil ceremonies conducted by registrars, in depth reference was made to who they were as a couple, their hobbies, interests, dreams for the future and the journey which had led them to make their promises to one another that day. It was incredibly personal, almost overwhelming (in a good way!)

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

 Onto the reception!

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

After being announced into the room, much to everyones surprise Emmas maid of honour stood to give a surprise speech. It was heartfelt, personal and witty. The perfect tribute to a lifelong friend.

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

After the meal, guests once again gathered outside to enjoy the beautiful evening sunshine. There was quite a scurry for the bouquet- with the mother of the bride being the firm favourite to bag the bouquet…..however things didn’t quite go to plan and Emma’s almighty throw meant that there was a dash to retrieve it!

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

Whilst we still had the gorgeous sunlight we took the newlyweds off for some alone time together to capture their bride and groom session. It was really calm and peaceful- you can see the love and contentment in their faces.

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

A relaxed afternoon led into an energetic celebration in the evening. With traditional Jewish dancing and some sharp dance moves on show, i’d not be surprised if some guests had pulled an injury or two!

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography

And just incase you needed a little reminder of this summers biggest fad…..Coke bottles with your name on! Come on, admit it we all wanted one! Pat on the back for the guest who made this happen!

Essex Wedding Photography | Pavone Photography


Joanne & Scott's Beautiful Sandhole Oak Barn Wedding Day

Isla and Dan's Wonderful "Home Made" Wedding – Tracy Gow …