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Austin & Candace Married! – SA3 Studios Wedding Photography!

The wonderful wedding of Austin & Candace! Locations:Graham Chapel, Ameristar, Busch Stadium, and the Heart of St. Charles!

Wonderful Stromtrooper Wedding Cake

The Wonderful Stormtrooper Wedding Cake was made by Jane’s Cake Tragedy . This Star Wars Cake features a Stormtrooper, Leia, and Han Solo.  The Stormtrooper helmet make a nice cake topper against the blue star background of the rest of the cake.


Original Wedding Song – Wonderful Together

Wrap-up video: Featuring the Bride and Groom’s original wedding song titled, Wonderful Together, which debuted at their wedding!! "Wonderful Together" credits: Lyrics – Jaime Zinger & Elan Borenstein (Bride and Groom) Vocals and Melody – Jaime Zinger Guitarist – Kevin Albinder Other instruments – Dean Bohana Produced and arranged – Dean Bohana Executive Producer – Kevin Albinder Recorded at Rockgarden Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY © copyright 2012 Jaime Zinger and Elan Borenstein Wrap-up video created by Reel Moments Wedding location: The Estate at Florentine Gardens, River Vale, NJ ________________________________________________________ Wonderful Together Lyrics by: Jaime Zinger and Elan Borenstein We grew up close by, same town same school but different circles Lived our own lives, growing from one day to the next Brushed paths through the years Facing memories of laughter and tears There’s nothing quite like feeling—–you’ll never. Who knew it was you, all along By my side’s where you belong I love you more and more each day. And now I’ll turn to you and say… I’ll love you now and forever. I’ll love you now and forever….. Cuz we are wonderful—together. After many years, we were able to find each other Instant closeness, strong feelings formed right away From the depths of discovery Came to realize we were meant to be There’s nothing quite like finding—-your treasure. Who knew it was you, all along By my side’s where you belong I love you more and more each <b>…</b>

New Jersey Vendor Series ~ Sherries Pritchard of Stylish Weddings …

“I am married to a wonderful
man who’s more than my soul mate. His name is Phil. Without his love and
encouragement to fulfill my dreams, none of this would be possible. Together we
have a beautiful family with 4 children between us named in age order, Daniella,
Shamar, Phillip III, and Isabella. Our wedding was very simple. It wasn’t
elaborate, fancy, or any of those things. It was lovely, intimate, and very
kind to our small budget. We were wed in the church where we met. In fact, our
church was relatively new so we were the first to be married there. I knew when
I met him during an outreach event that I had a hand in planning, he would be
someone special in my life. I was right. I totally thank God for him.”


Triple D #3 A wonderful wedding and some "Brother Gravity" rehersal clips.

More from the world of a drumming DJ who loves Discgolf! Check out and

Real Charlottesville Wedding with Jack Looney Photography

Dana & Kevin's Wonderful Wedding from Jack Looney Photography. by Claire Goodman. Oh, my… it has been WAY too long since we've had a wedding to share with you from the fabulous Jack Looney of Jack Looney Photography so today

Lisa and Charles Wedding – Cliffs at Glassy Mountain Chapel

Wonderful wedding at the Cliffs at Glassy Mountain Chapel! Helicopter ride from the wedding to their reception at their home. Touch of Grace Wedding Photography

New Jersey Vendor Series Sabrina Kuratana of Art Gallery Cookies


Yes, you’ve met Sabrina already!!  She not only owns Art Gallery Cookies but she is also the owner of a cake dream !!  Today we share her love of art…and cookies!

“I would look at
various works of art, from stained glass windows to paintings and think how
amazing it would look on a cookie.  A
cookie that people could enjoy looking at as much as they would enjoy
eating.  It would be an original work of
art in and of itself.  So I began
searching for artists interested in joining me in this venture and was
pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic responses I received. I feel very
strongly about providing information about the artist and their art, similar to
the way a museum handles their artists, after all, its their heart and soul
decorating my cookie.”

Sabrina, a mother of
three, is not new to the world of creativity. 
Formerly a professional concert violinist of national and international
repute she is a graduate of the Juilliard and Yale Schools of Music.  Sabrina garnered several  honors and awards on both violin and
viola.  She was one of the pioneers in
new music for 5-string electric violin and produced several CDs showcasing her

She now takes her
appreciation for the arts to another level. 
The launching of her Signature Line of Art Gallery Cookies features
known and unknown artists and their works. 
This provides the unique opportunity for the sugar and art world to
merge, thus promoting these artists in a whole new delicious world.

Sabrina adds, “I couldn’t imagine not being able to replicate the amazing artwork that
is out there!  Not only have I featured famous artwork by Monet and
Kandinsky, but I have been able to feature the artwork created by a
groom, by a guest, or by the stationary artist.  Every time I see the
artwork on a cookie, it makes me smile!”

Art Gallery Cookies uniquely showcase known and emerging artists with
their works on the face of a sinfully delicious cookie.  They represent
the perfect juxtaposition of color, design, and sugar to celebrate the
unique vision of the artists.  Although satisfied customers have
declared them too beautiful to eat they are completely edible.

Art Gallery Cookies are not only pleasing to the eye but they tantalize
and satisfy the palate. These cookies are 100% edible and made with the
best ingredients. It is the perfect work of art in a whole new
delicious world!

With each Art Gallery Cookies order you will 
receive a brief description of the artwork featured and a biography of
the artist. If you are hungry for more information about the artist
please visit their personal website.

Without the artists, there
would be no cookies!  Therefore, each artist receives a commission from
the sale of their Art Gallery Cookies collection.  It is another way of
being able to support the arts.

Art Gallery Cookies have been
featured in magazines such as DIY Weddings Magazine, EveryDay with
Rachel Ray,  Catering Magazine, and (201)Bride.

For further information on Sabrina and Art Gallery Cookies please visit the links below.

Web Site:  Art Gallery Cookies
Facebook:  Art Gallery Cookies


2012 Favors by Dorinda

Photos used with permission and remain the sole property of the original owners.


Hannah and Robin’s wonderful Le Manoir wedding

Our great friends Mr & Mrs Hannah and Robin Lloyd share their special day and their taste buds with friends and colleagues at le fabbo ‘Le Manoir’ . A wonderful day etched into all our sketchbooks. This is the ‘Quickie’ version, a full version will be available when you send all your footage and photo’s of the day ( and any incriminating stuff) to Hannah and robin asap……. xxxx Cheers and loverly Mc. Bruce.

New Jersey Vendor Series ~ Tania Lawson of Dream Horse Carriages