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May 31, 2008 — Our 4th Wedding Anniversary « The 236

On May 31, 2008 — exactly one year to the date of moving into our home — Ted and I stood in front of our families and friends and said “I do.”

It was a glorious day. Everything we had imagined and more.

Today, I thought I would share some photos from our wedding day.

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Boston Avenue Wedding Photography |

Happy fourth anniversary, Ted! xo

All images courtesy of Boston Avenue Wedding Photography.

Tie The Knot Swiftly With Las Vegas Wedding ceremony Chapels …

I do! I do! So you happen to be getting married! Receiving engaged can be an excellent and thrilling milestone in a couple’s life. But now its time for you to plan the wedding and lots of couples don’t feel as enthusiast about that element in the scenario. Nicely, when you choose to possess a Vegas wedding ceremony, you may get married in one with the many chapels there and have many with the necessities included inside your package -you will not need to do a factor apart from invest in your dress, lease the tux and present up!

There’s a team named Las Vegas Wedding Coordinators which has a very elegant chapel out there for the ceremony. It is possible to choose from three various inclusive packages and even throw in an Elvis to perform the nuptials for those who like! They are positioned ideal to the Las Vegas strip and are open daily from 10 am until 10 pm. What is definitely neat concerning this location is that even though you receive a recorded, visual testimony of your wedding ceremony, two in the wedding package selections also include things like a live net cam broadcast! That is great if you have got family and friends that cannot be there to witness your bliss in person. You’ll be able to consider a virtual tour in the Las Vegas Wedding ceremony Coordinators’ amenities at lasvegasweddingcoordinators and obtain facts on all the wedding ceremony package deal choices along with information and facts on their reception halls -they give help with your reception needs as well -Helicopter Weddings plus a couple of other one of a kind solutions that they present.

Yet another good chapel on Las Vegas Boulevard is Shalimar Wedding ceremony Chapel. This facility also delivers three unique chapel wedding packages and all three contain the reside broadcast. Shalimar Wedding Chapel also offers a virtual tour in their facility on their internet site and it is possible to look at a further couple’s ceremony -live -while you’re at it. In addition to a chapel wedding ceremony, you’ll be able to decide on to acquire married inside a helicopter while you fly more than the Grand Canyon or perhaps the wonderful metropolis of Las Vegas. They also provide outside gazebo weddings. And not surprisingly, Elvis will attend on your request. It is possible to visit the site at shalimarweddingchapel for pricing and extra data about the forms of ceremonies they present.

Here is a word of assistance to help keep in mind for those who choose one from the quite a few chapels to the strip, like the two mentioned over, that consists of the services of a minister and / or limousine within your wedding ceremony package. The ministers are compensated by donation and the motorists are compensated by gratuity so it can be customary to idea each and every of them, no less than $40 at minimum.

Congratulations ~ possess a wonderful wedding as well as a lengthy, content existence with each other!

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Wedding Tine & Pieter

The International students – and in special Sten Guns – from INHA University, South-Korea would like to wish Tine & Pieter a happy and wonderful wedding!

Blog Archive » Learn how to Save upon Wedding Roses: The …

Blooms are amazing, elegant along with romantic – a wonderful combination needed for a wonderful wedding. Flowers increase the beauty of this bride; they put charm into the wedding position and spread an attractive fragrance. With lots of available blooms in the season, your opportunities will be endless.

Wedding flowers is often an amazing expense to the wedding; here as expensive being the cake as well as the outfit. The chosen flowers plus greenery can certainly make a positive change. Hot dwelling flowers have got a heavy carbon dioxide footprint: not basically do they are likely to be out-of year blooms, but furthermore they require a considerable amount of energy to make.

“Once you will have finished pursuit, you need a transparent vision in mind and in some recoverable format of wedding ceremony flowers you can expect to create,” lovely Professor Sandy McFarland expressed. This involves special consideration and handling in the flowers any step in the way: from obtaining or picking those to arranging all of them, to packing and shipping and transporting the criminals to the function site. In case you have selected man-made flowers for use on your special function, much fewer care is required however the actual result are quite a bit less stunning. A true bonus along with green measures is can normally find many cuttings at no cost. Some situations include rose bushes, symbolic with regard to love as well as orchids which symbolize beauty. Take into account the scale within the flowers.

Lilac & Renewable: Light efficient foliage in addition to flowers make a striking effect on the contrary with lavender in addition to dark purple colours wedding bouquets. For reception hall decor, combine lilac having green orchids, hydrangea, warning buzzers of Eire or inexperienced spider moms.

Some flowers with the bridal bouquet are usually air by clinging the flowers the wrong way up and slipped into a cozy room for some days. There ought to be blue flowers between your dark lilac roses together with light light red roses. By spending time the flowers the other way up, the leaves will probably be right edge up as soon as dried.

Winter marriage ceremonies offer possibility to transform this venue perfectly into a winter wonderland. Well if you are looking for that start looking, then you might want to choose wildflowers. Although a number of people is definitely not very comfortable cooperating with a florist to do this project, you might like to know why these people could give you the biggest advice when considering the ideal flowers to utilise, the unique varieties who combines correctly, and naturally – those that will not likely go out of your reach. These are some points that florists are capable of anticipate because of the experience from the field. I hope you may have found the last advices to be useful understanding that you may take them into account. Good luck and get fun for your wedding daytime!.


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The Look of Love – Destin Wedding – Randy Sherwood

This song (written by Burt Bacharach with lyrics by Hal David) was originally recorded by Dusty Springfield for the Casino Royale soundtrack, receiving an Oscar nomination and reaching the US Top 40. Springfield re-recorded the song the same year in London, featuring a throaty saxophone solo, and released it as the B-side of "Give Me Time". Claudine Longet recorded the song on her 1967 album of the same title. Lainie Kazan also recorded "The Look of Love" (arranged by Pat Williams) on her 1967 album Love is Lainie. Nina Simone also recorded "The Look of Love" in 1967 on her album Silk & Soul. Sérgio Mendes’ hit rendition on the Sérgio Mendes & Brasil ’66 album Look Around reached #4 on the pop charts after their performance in the Academy Awards telecast in March 1968. This video features my performance of "Look of Love" along with video of a wonderful wedding which I performed for in Destin on 20 May 2012. I think this song fits the subjects in this video perfectly! Such wonderful and sincere people! It was indeed an honor for me to be part of Beth and Tony’s marriage celebration.

JUST MARRIED, but BROKE? « hit the nail on the top

Just married, but broke?

Last weekend I went to a wedding and I have to admit it was one of the most wonderful weddings I have been to: beautiful bride, emotional ceremony and just an amazing wedding. The bridal couple really cannot say that this was the most important and beautiful day in their life. However, the whole time I thought about how much money they invested for this day and if such an investment pays off?

In general the average cost of a wedding in Germany lies between 10000 and 20000 Euro. This includes everything starting with the ring and the bride’s dress and ending by the party itself. When you think about this, you start wondering if such an investment is worth to be spent. A lot of people think that it is crazy to spend so much money for one day.

So I talked to the bridal couple after the wedding and wanted to know how they were able to spend so much money and if they were worried about the price of everything. The answer was very interesting for me and showed two fascinating ways how you can fix the money-issue. First they said that the good thing is that they did not have to pay everything at once, which gives you more space considering when you have to pay what. For example the wedding dress is paid a lot earlier than the actual party containing food and drinks.

Another thing they said, which really caught my attention are the presents. Because of all the presents it could be that they get after the wedding all the money back, which they spent before. I have not really thought about this, but this really makes sense. A lot of guests are going to a wedding and all the guests bring a lot of presents and therefore money. Also, if you do not get all the money back you will still get a lot and it will help you to fix your finances after the wedding.

But still by considering some statistics which show the marriage rate by each country (number of marriages per 1000 people a year), Germany is number 14 with a rate of 6.5. So there are 6.5 marriages a year per 1000 people. This is really not a lot. In comparison the US is number 1 with a rate of 9.8. A lot of people do not get married because of the money. It is just too expensive and they cannot afford it, which you can understand considering the average price of 10000 Euro.

So what to do? Get married and have a wonderful, but expensive wedding or nothing at all?

In my opinion, of course, I want to have a wedding, a huge, wonderful and beautiful wedding. I surely recognize that this will be very expensive, but this is one of the most important days in our lives and you cannot say if this investment pays off or not.  For some people it might be too expensive and that is why they do not want to get married, but I think that actually a wedding should not depend on the money. A wedding depends on the love of two people and you will make your wedding beautiful, not matter if it is a huge investment or a small one. Enjoy the day and do not let money “decide” about the beauty of your wedding!

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WoW-Wedding in Dalaran – Part 3/8 – Organization

World of Warcraft – Ayihal and Calice of "Less QQ more Pew Pew" organize a wonderful wedding in dalaran. See the actual ceremony in part six and seven. Please like, subscribe, and comment!

Tips on Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses | Blog

When planning your wedding, bridesmaid dresses shouldn’t be treated as an afterthought, listed way below your wedding checklist. Remember that your bridesmaids are the women who have been with you through thick and thin and it won’t do for you to insult them with gaudy bridesmaid dresses that will look totally unflattering on them.

Believe it or not, choosing bridesmaid dresses can prove to be a test of friendship so if you want to ace that test and at the same time have a wonderful wedding, then consider the tips below:

 Take Suggestions and Set a Budget

Be considerate and take suggestions from your bridesmaids. Of course the final decision is still up to you, but knowing what color and style of dress your bridesmaids prefer can give you a better idea on which dresses to choose and help you narrow down your choices.

Unless you’re paying for your bridesmaids’ dresses, it is best if you can get them all to agree on a budget.

 Complement the Dress or Theme

Your bridesmaids’ dresses should complement your dress beautifully, but be careful that they don’t look practically identical to your wedding dress. You can also opt for the bridesmaid dresses to match the theme of your wedding.

Mind the Size and Color

Do keep in mind that unless your bridesmaids are clones, they’re not going to have the same size and shape, and neither will they have identical skin tones so choose dresses that not only complement your wedding gown, but also flatter your bridesmaids’ bodies and skin tones.

Your best bet is an A-line dress since this looks good on most body shapes and sizes.

 Mori Lee 643  ||  Allure 1256  ||  Mori Lee 20102

 Wear it Out

Since your bridesmaids will be paying good money for their dress, might as well choose ones they can wear over and over again to different occasions. Choose timeless dresses that they can literally wear out.

Bari Jay 915  ||  Pretty Maids 22478  ||  Bari Jay 921


Lessen the stress of having to choose the perfect bridesmaid dresses simply by picking out a color and fabric and let the bridesmaids create any style of dress out of the material or get identical dresses, but with different lengths.

Mori Lee 896  ||  Mori Lee 894  || Mori Lee 636  || Mori Lee 895

Allure 1235  ||  Allure 1260


It is your wedding and it’s completely understandable that you want everything to be perfect, but that shouldn’t mean doing everything by yourself. Lessen the stress that comes with choosing bridesmaid dresses and turn the task into something you and your girlfriends will enjoy. Plan the details over a small party (i.e. tea party)  exclusive to you and your bridesmaids and then shop for the dresses together. Don’t forget to breathe in, exhale, and relax.

User:Weddtoppers – Sudopedia

Custom Wedding Toppers: Unique Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

The good days are coming! You will likely be the loveliest bride around the earth. Have you been trying to find some different wedding party which could reflect your feeling and personality? Then you might have to pay additional time choosing wedding party favor, marriage dress, and bouquet for wedding ceremony. You ought to not leave one little and important things – it’s the custom wedding toppers! These days custom wedding cake toppers is best-selling and it has become very popular, small designs of newlyweds with humorous or graceful pose could possibly be the scintillated point on the wedding ceremony and likewise a loveable keepsake afterwards that. The wonderful wedding cake topper could be the nice speaking point, and can prompt you of wonderful event every time you watch that. Today, placing your order for your custom topper by on the internet is really popular. You will find many providers providing various kinds of toppers like clay toppers, monogram toppers and a whole lot of more… There are some of these which you’ve to pay many hrs to select the suitable one. Below is some good info on how you can select the custom wedding toppers. With some specific style which makes the cake toppers to reflect your shape and style. With colors that perfectly beautiful, remarkable and attractive. Nothing can equal the unique of custom toppers which can better reflect your personality. Let the custom cake toppers suit your personality, your wedding party or particular one you’d probably want to memorize. And use a complete look throughout the market; contain the overall idea concerning the present item. You’ll ought to save money bucks to customize your personal cake topper; one does n’t want them to be same to give item, right? If therefore, it will be the big waste of spending. Then selecting the item you like. You could think why ought to give attention towards the item? Because some with the times designs from the toppers depend upon the item. For instance if you’re looking to customize attractive theme animal toppers, then cloth or paper clay might work ideal in your necessity, a few other stuffs like porcelain or glass might not work much fine. Precious and exquisite feel can ‘t be fully expressed by porcelain or glass. Finally, tell the painter or artisan whatever you want exactly, write the instruction as detailed because you can. You can also say the reason to them why you’re searching for custom wedding toppers, these could assist them have the unique thinking about toppers and frequently which will likely be the big assistance to make the cake toppers.

‘Biola + ‘Dayo – Wedding Day Highlights

11.11.2011 – Unique day, lovely couple, wonderful locations all come together to make what is undoubtedly the most exciting Nigerian wedding film.