Some men cant bear costumes. But even the most violent kostyumonenavistniki have a wedding to choose one of the options for this kind of outfit. The future bride, as a rule, readily and willingly engaged with a large selection and fitting of marriage ceremony dress, but what about the wedding gown? And to eclipse him a bride – not good, but look ugly on her background – not enough people want. Then one more thing: wedding dress at a wedding an unique, all the ladies though dressy – but theyre difficult to confuse with the bride. And what if the wedding gown to stand out if all the men for the party dressed in classic costumes?

The range and variety of mens suits for the wedding so great that sometimes it is very difficult to choose.

What does the mens fashion trends of the modern “zhenihoodevaniya”? And what clothes suit a certain future husband? With what he supposed to wear, what to buy shoes – and a host of very important and difficult issues.

Lets start with the types of costumes themselves. Today, brides often choose a frock coat, frock coating or tuxedo. Tuxedo jacket sewn from black cloth, covered with black lapels as silk, the breast is very amenable. Under the tuxedo worn exclusively white shirt.

Coat – an evening suit is a very unusual breed, with long rear floors and high cut staring at the monitor. He also put on a white shirt and trousers without turn-ups. Coat also used as a wedding dress, it is a long single-breasted jacket, fastened by four buttons.

But the most democratic and popular option is still traditionally the vintage three-piece suit. The jacket fitted, single-breasted jacket – from the same cloth. Trousers – narrow, without lapels, with no front pleats. Obligatory white shirt and tie, blending in with the suit. Fashion at the wedding conservative mens shoes and boots: fit-quality black leather boots. Patent leather shoes, combined with a tuxedo, coat. New shoes before the wedding should be a bit reproach, then to avoid possible inconvenience. However, it is recommended obvyknutsya and suit themselves: to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Do not forget about accessories! Thus, boutonniere, which is inserted into a buttonhole, you can buy artificial flowers, plus its better to book in conjunction with a bouquet of the bride to the florist picked the same colors. Place choose the costume, but his shade should be slightly lighter or darker. The variant, and in contrasting colors.

What number of fantasies and hopes invested in the wedding dress! Not surprisingly, the focus of attention is the beautiful bride. But aerobatics will probably be a wedding where the couple complementary images of each other for this and want to carefully approach the selection of costumes and accessories for the wedding gown.

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