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Wonderful Wedding Show 2011

Winter Wedding in Sestriere Italy | Italian Country Wedding

Wonderful Alps in the sun of a winter day are again the perfect scenario for an amazing wedding…. a winter wedding. This time we are in Sestriere a very famous destination for skiers. This is where 2006 Olympic Games too place and where every year Ski World Cup is held.
This compound is one of the biggest in Italy with kilometers of slopes.


Mina and Derek really wanted a Winter wedding that could be even more: a Vacation in the snow.
They reached Sestriere, they both come from UK, Derek is Scottish and Mina is British but with a Morocco heritage. They both live and work in Dubai and they choose Italy for their wedding vacation to relax a bit and have a lot of fun on the snow with their relatives and friends who come from all over the world to share this lovely event!


For about a week Mina and Derek enjoyed the slopes and all activities Sestriere can offer.


And then after a week the day of the wedding arrived!
On 4th of February all Scottish guests, including Derek wore their kilts. They were all very handsome in their own clan kilt.


Mina and Derek choose wonderful Hotel Shackleton for their staying, ceremony and reception. This is more than a hotel it is a wonderful Mountain resort overlooking the mountains. Such a great venue!

Groom and all guests reached for the ceremony the highest part of the hotel: the tower. A wonderful spot with big windows overlooking the valley.
Derek waited for Mina without turing his head until she was by her side…no words were necessary at that time their eyes talked for themselves.


Mina wore a wonderful satin dress just like the snow with wonderful crystal details.
she was happy and just wonderful as a winter bride could be!


Bride and groom exchanged their vows with the sound of sweet melodies in the background played by Nicola and Maria Cristina: a perfect string duo!


After the ceremony the aperitif was served in the tower too.
Mina and Derek took the chance to take amazing pictures in the snow and the sunset!


Dinner was served in the main restaurant of the hotel.
It is a lovely and cosy area. Wood and typical winter furniture and fireplace are greatly mixed with modern element to create a fine, elegant and unique atmosphere.
Mina wanted a very simple table arrangement for her winter wedding. All was white and silver with a little touch of light green as her wonderful tulips bouquet and lovely centerpieces made of all winter flowers!

Little pine cones were the pretty names cards and table names. They were also used for the white table chart and total white wedding cake.


After the wonderful dinner prepared by Hotel Shackleton chef some speeches, wedding cake cut and….dances! Derek is a great dancer for sure as many of our groom lately!
Everybody had a great time, dancing until very late including Derek and Mina’s parents and little guests present to the wedding!


Great Dj Paolo played great rock music for them until very late!


A Winter wedding could be elegant and charming but also very happy and warm.
It could be a unique experience just original that everybody will never forget.
Mina and Derek and their guests for sure will never forget a wonderful event to the Italian Mountains!


A special thank to Independent Pictures for the great shots of Mina and Derek’s wedding you can see here.

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Diz&Lhyn Wonderful Wedding (This I Promise You)

Diz&Lhyn Wedding

A Wonderful Experience From Your Own Wedding Band | My Article …

Jak wybierać lokatę bankową?
Lokaty bankowe różnią się nie tylko oprocentowaniem, ale także trybem obliczania odsetek, kapitalizacją i opcją wycofania wkładu przed wyznaczonym czasem.Taka sama z pozoru lokata o takim samym procencie może dać inną liczbę odsetek.
Wybierając najbardziej dobrą formę depozytu, należy pamiętać o kilku podstawowych zasadach. Po pierwsze, trzeba sprecyzować okres, na jaki chcemy zainwestować [...]

The Wedding Planner: A wonderful six thousand year tradition!

Girls this is one tradition your going to love.

Have you thought about having a “Ketubah” or wedding contract designed and read during your wedding ceremony.

Don’t let the word “contract” scare you off. This is a “contract” from the heart. You and your love will compose in your own words your hearts words and scribe them onto a beautiful paper, frame it and mount it in your home where all can see it. Every time the two of you pass your Ketubah you will be reminded of your wedding day and the beautiful words you shared with each other.

Lauren and Blake's Wedding… at Taras Blog

What a wonderful wedding weekend and notably unbelievable evening all at the fabulous Hotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica, California!! You may remember my blog post on Lauren and Blake’s engagement shoot… if not, you can see it under my May 2010 postings. This couple is SO special to me, it means the world when a client becomes a friend. I especially want to thank the creative and oh so wonderful Event Planner Lindsey Schiff-Abrams of LRS Event Planning for referring Lauren to me. Lindsey is on top of her game when it comes to planning events and weddings and Lauren’s wedding was no exception. Every detail was accounted for and done to perfection.

Okay, let’s talk Make-up!! Because there were 10 Bridal Party/Family for Make-up, I had one of the Associate Make-up Artists from by Beauty Team, my dear friend Cricket, assist me. The look we created for everyone was clean, glowing skin with a soft smoky eye. As far as Lauren’s look… Let’s just say once I finished applying her Make-up and she put on her Kenneth Pool dress and Christian Louboutin shoes, Lauren seriously looked like she was ready to be on the cover of a High-end Wedding Magazine or on the runway as the Grand Finale during New York Fashion Week.

The first time I did Lauren’s Make-up, almost 1 1/2 years ago, as per her request I did it very light and super natural. Since then, each time I have done her Make-up, she has wanted to gradually go alittle more dramatic. Fast forward to the day of Lauren’s wedding, it was ALL about glamour and dramatic eyes… GORGEOUS!! Her skin is near to naturally perfect so I made sure it was hydrated, primed and glowing. To enhance her beautiful skin, I used a light dusting of a shimmery hi-lighter by Shu Uemura above her cheek bones and bridge of nose. I followed with a Bobbi Brown matte bronzer to warm and slightly contour her face and finished with a “pop” of a sheer Nars pink blush on the apples of her cheeks. I darkened her brows a bit to frame her face and help balance the sultry eyes I was about to create. For Lauren’s magnetic light eyes, I used a shimmery pale gold on the eyelids and then blended a matte grey/taupe and warm rich brown in the crease to give more depth, all eyeshadows by Bobbi Brown. Wanting to emphasize the eye liner and create some drama, I blended a Smashbox grey metallic eye pencil with a Bobbi Brown Black Long-Wear Eyeliner and used flirty, dramatic false eyelashes that made a statement. I finished Lauren’s look with a nude pink lip color by MAC, a neutral pink/brown lip pencil by Lise Watier and a pale pink lip gloss by Nars.

Thank you to Meghan Aileen of Meghan Aileen Photography for letting me show-off your AMAZING pictures so I could share how stunning everyone looked… especially lovely Lauren.

The additional fabulous Vendors that helped make Lauren and Blake’s wedding perfect were:

Florist: The Hidden Garden

Decor: Tabella Design

Entertainment: West Coast Music

Videographer: Bluecat International

Lighting: Classic Party Rentals

Cake: Vanilla Bake Shop

Candy tables: Sweets Indeed

Wonderful wedding

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Pleasure as well as Excitement of Destination Weddings | Chicago …

How people of distinct backrounds value marriage ceremonies is undying. Even throughout the medieval times, people have given this sacred ceremony utmost significance. For all this period, people have learned to try things out and do some thing distinct in a big day. There’s generally a unique thing or perhaps activity expected in each marriage ceremony. It can make young couples to be wed and wedding coordinators genuinely try their greatest to create some thing new for the people to experience.

Destination weddings became probably the most essential trends in weddings. A lot of young couples do not mind the expensive cost of doing this. You will discover even some who hire cruise lines just to make the occasions far more passionate and private. For husbands to be that are genuinely dedicated to their future life partners, absolutely nothing can beat unique occasions in a wedding day. Part of large destination weddings bundles are unique photography services just like what is provided by Toronto wedding photography. When all of the unique occasions are caught on photographic camera, the happy couple will truly enjoy these occasions even after a period of time.

A lot of couples nowadays like to spend their wedding elsewhere. While you will find some who would genuinely pursue being wed within their hometown to get along with or their loved ones into their unique day, the number of couples choosing destination weddings increases. It gives opportunity for wedding photography Toronto and other high top quality photography providers put up their greatest wedding photographs.

What professional wedding photographers love about destination weddings is that they’re not minimal indoors. They have the opportunity to apply several photography elements like the environment. The diverse textures of the environment if the wedding is held outside, brings about come up with unique shots. An example of this is an ominous clouds imposing above the couple. Indeed, the blend of wedding entourage as well as the gray texture can also give spectators an ominous feeling. An excellent destination wedding can also give wonderful wedding portraits that the couple will surely treasure.

Indeed, destination weddings present a diverse feeling of closeness for the couples. It’s an encounter which the guests would genuinely appreciate and remember. It will also help including the professional wedding photographers who definitely are assigned to seize occasions that will last a long time.

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Wonderful Wedding Show

Went to The Wonderful Wedding Show at the Winnipeg Convention Centre on January 22, 2011 looking for couples that met online. This was the result. Shot by Jeremy Williams Edited by Caitlin MacGregor

How To Lose Weight Fast For A Wedding: Don't Be A Fat Bride

How To Lose Weight Fast For A Wedding: Don’t Be A Fat Bride

Don’t Be A Fat Bride

OK Ladies, You are all fimiliar with an experience like this. Last Sunday I was at my cousin’s wedding. The organ played Here Comes The Bride and We all arose, excited to see Jen come down the aisle in her beautiful new gown. It was a wonderful wedding, and Jen looked like a model in her wedding dress. The colored light from the stained glass window covered her in vibrant colors and her trim figure glowed with a healthy vibrant beauty. Oh, it was fantastic the whole thing made me cry.

The Need To Lose Weight For A Wedding Causes Tears

I couldn’t help but remember different tears a couple of months earlier when we were looking for that perfect wedding dress. At that time Jen carried more weight than she does now and every time we found the perfect gown her body some how had a wrong bulge here or a pooch there that lessened the effect. It was at about the 50th gown that Jen broke down crying, “I need a sign on my fridge that says ‘Don’t Be A Fat Bride!’ “, she blubbered.

Don’t Be A Fat Bride, Lose Weight

I put my arm around her. “Jen, I said”, with as much gentleness as I could, “there is only one thing left to do and that is lose some weight.” I know, that was probably a little blunt, but we were in need of a solution. After her initial sour look, she said that I was probably right and so we began to research the best way to go about losing weight fast for a wedding.

How To Lose Weight Fast For A Wedding

We found a fantastic way and Jen lost 21 pounds in 21 days and then another 15 pounds in several weeks after that. If you are over weight at all, there is nothing more amazing you can do for your wedding day looks than to lose weight. The answer to how to lose weight for a wedding lies in controlling your diet in 4 areas.

Calories Fiber Water Exercise

How To Lose Weight Fast For A Wedding By Controlling Calories

Take your weight and multiply it by 12 and that is the number of calories you can eat per day and still hold on to your current weight. Suppose you weigh 185 lbs. 185 X 12 = 2220. That means that if you eat 2,220 calories per day, you will keep your current weight of 185 pounds. If you want to lose around1 pound a week, eat 500 calories less per day. Using our example, 2220 – 500 = 1720, if you ate 1,720 calories a day you would lose about 1 pound a week. Remember this is an average. To lose 2 pounds a week you would have to limit yourself to only 1,220 calories a day. This is where Jen and I began.

How To Lose Weight Fast For A Wedding By Controlling Fiber

Jen wanted to lose weight more rapidly than just a couple of pounds a week and so we searched some more and found out that by adding 50 grams of fiber to your diet per day you can dramatically increase your weight loss. It is the secret Don’t Be A Fat Bride weapon you can aim straight at your thighs and waist. Jen had a difficult time at first getting that much fiber in her diet, but when she did wow! Hint: Eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day is a good way to start!

How To Lose Weight Fast For A Wedding By Controlling Water Intake

On top of the fiber, we found out that drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day boosted weight loss. So if you, like Jen, need to lose weight for a wedding, get out your drinking glass and fill it with water. It flushes out toxins, causes the body to release liquid from its tissues, and helps balance the bodies chemistry so that it loses fat fast!

How To Lose Weight Fast For A Wedding By Controlling Exercise

Doing exercises for 20 min 3 times a week can help you lose an extra pound a week. If you need to lose weight fast for a wedding, get on your jogging shoes, or take out the tennis racquet and hit the courts. Exercise elevates your resting metabolism and helps you lose weight fast for a wedding. It also strengthens your heart and lungs, tones your body, and makes it look gorgeous in that gown.